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When we say perfectly human, you’ll untangle patterns of…


“I’ll do that later,” never finding the “right time” or having enough time to get that task done…to tackling your to-dos with a new approach free of overwhelm and avoidance.

People Pleasing

Saying “yes” to avoid letting friends, family members or co-workers down…to being ok with prioritizing yourself and your needs first. 


Setting impossibly high standards for yourself whether in work or in your personal life and leaving no room for mistakes…to giving yourself compassion and trust that it’s ok to be imperfect.

Boundary Setting

Talking negatively to yourself or valuing other’s needs over your own, time and time again, to confidently saying “no” without guilt, and setting firm boundaries you want to keep.


What you'll get:

  • Easy-to-follow videos featuring my tried-and-trusted foundational approach I use in my 1:1 therapy sessions. 
  • Reflection journal prompts and helpful quizzes to guide you on where best to start in the course with where you’re at in your journey.
  • A range of mediums to take the course including video, audio, reading a printable transcript—all of which are accessible on desktop or through the Kajabi app.
  • 3 expertly curated modules as well as a bonus module to help you get to the core of what’s causing you unease, as well as small actions you can take right now. 

With a foundation in place and your own toolkit at-the-ready, you’ll have the confidence and skillset to take on any obstacle that comes your way.

$125.00 USD

4 monthly payments

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